About standup surfing

To me the definition of success is making a living doing something you love to do. I’m Dan Case and StandUp Surfing was originated to bring my love of the water and nature to other people. After spending many years in corporate sales I reached a point to where it was time to achieve success. I am a Florida Native and a lifelong waterman with a passion for surfing, wakeskating, boating and fishing. I fell in love with the Ponce Inlet and Daytona Beach area after moving there when I graduated High School. The beautiful, secluded mangrove trails where I conduct my Paddleboard tours are the same mangrove trails where I have been fishing for years. I get the same great feeling every time I’m back in them so I knew I needed to bring that same feeling to my Paddleboard tour clients. I am a certified personal trainer specializing in core strength. I thoroughly enjoy helping people learn the art of water sports. With every tour you will get complete instruction of the water sport to make it a fun and fulfilling experience. I have a customized Paddleboarding boat which allows me to take my clients to areas they couldn’t get to from the shoreline. StandUp Surfing brings more than just a Paddleboard tour to you. It’s a complete adventure! Whether you have the desire to Paddleboard, Surf, Wakeboard, Wakesurf, Wakeskate or fish, I have the gear. Let’s go!